Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Scammers Beware !!!

How sad that scammers have decided to focus on artists,or is that they have all along and I have just come in contact with one ?

The scammer in question e-mailed me and wanted to buy ,not one,but two paintings.Yay,great news for an artist !

After a couple of letters  (e-mail) back and forth,I began to feel uneasy,so I googled up the adress.Lo and behold ,it came up with over 200 names and adresses of known scammers,and guess what?My sweet lady buyer was on the list.I promptly called my son (a police officer ) and he advised me to call the local cops.Thay were so great.When this great check came ,the cop came and opened it .Well,goody goody ,it was for 1800.00 more than the price of the paintings.He promptly took the letter and proceeded to follow up on it . Boo hoo , scammer , sorry I messed up your quota for the day , or week , or whatever . So my advice to you other artists out there , if it sounds too good to be true , it probably is . And to you art scammers out there , I may be old , but I'm not stupid . Don't try again . I have the police officers number !!!!

Oh my goodness!I was just contacted by another scammer .Same theme ,different story .Do I really look that stupid (or hungry ???For some reason ,when i told him I only accept payment by credit card or paypal ,I never heard from him again !Oh well,guess I didn't sell those two paintings after all .