Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Beginning and the Finish

Spring is here and finally time for work in the studio.

 I am excited about a new sculpture I Just finished.I am posting the beginning ,so you can see the stages a piece goes through .I start with a "dream" .Usuly from a story told to me by some of the old cowboy's I have known ,or sometimes from my own experiences .
This piece will have a rider,and other animals . Lots of action ,that is what you all look for in my work,and I hope I don't disapoint . This next posting shows the "cowpony"as he starts to develope.The feet and legs will be last as they get damaged so easily.When all elements are finished,it's off to the foundry in Oregon to be cast in bronze.

number 1

number 1
Kinda looks like a dinosaur at this stage .
As you can see,the clay begins to talk to me and sometimes it undergoes a lot of changes before it reaches the final stage.


The "Bunchquitter"
bronze       edition 16
price          $  3600.00
plus  shipping

first show entered,just won a first place in sculpture at the Annual Fred Oldfield Juried Spring Show ,Puyallup Washington