Sunday, October 24, 2010

"The Look Of Eagles"


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he is,


 And he is beautiful!!!

 life size      bronze    edition of 10

photo by Molly Morrow

5 sold         5 in edition available


Saturday, October 2, 2010

"The Wild Mare"

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graphite pencil


beautifully matted and framed       31" by 26"

prints available
email for price and sizes

“Apache Moon”

"Apache Moon"

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27"high by25"wide by 20"long

bronze    edition 16

In this sculpture,an Apache Warrior is taking horses from a ranchers corral.He has mounted one of them ,and with a scrap of cloth is spooking them through the broken fence.One horse has fallen and the others are leaping over in their frightened flight.

“Distant Drums”

                                                          Bronze    Edition   16

                                                           25" H                click on image to enlarge

                                                                    Sold Out

This is a Sioux woman I saw dance in Scottsdale Arizona,one of my first bronze sculptures. I have one on loan from her owner.It is a pleasure to have her in my gallery for a while.